About the Humanimal Hub

What is the Humanimal Hub?

The Humanimal Hub is an interactive online community, a place for human and animal health and research professionals to come together and collaborate, share ideas, and find out the latest developments in One Medicine.

We want to create a positive, friendly space for like-minded professionals to be able to meet, share knowledge, and collaborate.

Who runs the Humanimal Hub?  

The Humanimal Hub is an entirely not-for-profit initiative set up by the UK-based charity Humanimal Trust. The Trust launched the Hub in 2020 to help bring human and animal health and science professionals together, and to raise awareness and showcase opportunities in One Medicine.

The Hub helps to meet Humanimal Trust's overall purpose of driving collaboration between vets, doctors and researchers, so that all humans and animals benefit from equal and sustainable medical progress, but not at the expense of an animal’s life.

What do we hope the Hub will achieve?

We envisage that as the Hub grows and human and veterinary medicine professionals begin to collaborate and share knowledge, One Medicine research and practice will continue to grow.

The One Medicine way of multi-disciplinary collaboration can generate countless innovative new ideas, and lead to speedier development of more accurate tests and effective treatments.

This will ultimately improve the lives of both humans and animals, both through advancing the research and development process, and also by enhancing reciprocity between species.

How do I join?

If you are a health or research professional with an interest in One Medicine and you would like to join the Humanimal Hub, you can request an invite to join here, and we will get back to you shortly.

Come and join us! And see for yourself what we're all about. 

Our five key One Medicine areas:






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